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Birth Services

Sacred Birthing Childbirth Prep Series 
class based on the book Sacred Birthing Birthing a New Humanity 3rd Edition


Choose our standard 9-hour curriculum for $350, or we will formulate a class just for you based on your needs. $40/hr


Childbirth preparation series based on the book Sacred Birthing Birthing a New Humanity 3rd Edition. 


Book a private customized childbirth class in your own home or over zoom, at times that work with your schedule.  We bring you individualized attention and customized education so that you can get what you need out of your childbirth education class.

Lotus Birth Support, Education and Consulting
Anastacia specializes in Lotus Birth.
This service is included in any other birth service available for all who are interested.

Infant Massage Class
Learn to massage your baby in one easy class. Makes a great baby shower or Mothers blessing way gift.


Homeopathic  Placenta Remedy Preparation
The placenta is used in homeopathic medicine as a remedy. Original research into the placental remedy, Placenta humanum, has indicated its benefit in the treatment of conditions where the child’s immune system has failed to respond effectively to a challenge or illness. If the remedy is prepared from the child’s own placenta, it provides an added individualized boost to overcome the child’s own particular inherited tendencies.

Placenta humanum was homeopathically proven in Wales by Biggs and Gwillum in 2000 in order to identify its therapeutic actions and indications for clinical use.


Placenta Tincture Preparation
 This remedy is made from a piece of the mother’s own raw placenta after birth, steeping in alcohol making a strong remedy over 6 weeks.  It is said that placenta tincture is used for emotional, mental and psychological instability and may also be very beneficial for treating PMS and menopause.

Lotus-Born Aristar having fun at the Ocean with some Orb friends.

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