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a pathway to inner balance
Aquacranial Therapy 

  with Anastacia Townsend, LMT

Aquacranial is offered in Ashland, Oregon   


Biodynamic Aquacranial Therapy 

A warm water modality is a blend of prenatal somatic therapy, attachment theory, and cranial sacral unwinding. The water, acting like an amnion, allows for a direct channel to implicit memory. “Implicit memories are those we don’t consciously recall; they exist just below the level of conscious awareness and are difficult to identify…” (Siegel, 2015) They often are running our daily existence without our conscious awareness.


Once you can tap into implicit memory, there is a possibility of releasing an excess of imprints. These imprints - of our emotional reactions to previous life events - have been intricately stored in your body’s tissues, muscles, and organs. As your body is held in a warm, loving presence and allowed to just Be, the imprints show up as gestures telling the story from our unconscious, subconscious and preverbal awareness.  

Making this connection between our other states of consciousness and our body gives us the opportunity to bring the information, that has been held outside of our awareness, to be reintegrated into the balance of unconditional love or released back to Source.  Self-love and Wholeness flourish.

What can I expect? 
You may experience a deep, dreamlike meditative state that will leave you feeling rested, relaxed and renewed.  An air pillow tucked under your neck and legs while receiving gentle support from a therapist. Profoundly relaxing, Aquacranial decompresses both spine and cranium and releases tension and energy blockage in the entire body. Aquacranial supports your body in returning to its natural state of wholeness.  
Anastacia will be at your side during the entire water session. Anastacia will use light pressure and at times you may barely feel her touch as she facilitates myofascial release throughout your body. Swimwear required. 

How long is a treatment?
An AquaCranial Therapy session is approximately an hour long. The water treatment will be 40-45 minutes. You will then rest quietly, with your eyes closed, at the water's edge or poolside for 10 minutes to complete your session. This resting time will allow the treatment to fully integrate.   
After an AquaCranial Therapy session, you will want to "be kind" to yourself for the remainder of the day and drink water.  It is also recommended you refrain from physical excursion for at least 12 hours following an AquaCranial Therapy treatment. 

Where does the AquaCranial session take place?
In Ashland, OR
Your session is held in the small, saltwater pool kept at 92º F
















Restrictions to the flow of cerebrospinal fluid can be caused by birth, childhood injuries, sports injuries, stress, illness, repetitive movements, or medications. Through gentle palpation, a practitioner "listens" for the rhythmical tidal motion created by the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid and determines where to release any restrictions to its flow, allowing the body's natural healing processes to take over. Through testing the craniosacral rhythms of clients, Rebecca has found that AquaCranial Therapy is usually three times more efficient and deeper than table treatments. Throughout the body tension is alleviated in the touch superficial fascia, the connective tissue holding us together. The fact that the body can be moved more three-dimensionally in the water allows for certain releases not possible on the table. Relaxation in the buoyancy of the water allows a person to "let go" faster or easier.


  • Migraine and tension Headaches

  • Chronic neck and Back Pain

  • Stress and Tension-Related Issues

  • Inflammation of Joints & Soft Tissue 

  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) 

  • Sports injuries & Enhance Performance Conditioning 

  • Mood disorders ~ Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) 

  • Memory & Cognitive disorders 

  • Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia 

  • Ailments from Musculoskeletal, Central Nervous System (CNS) & Auto-immune disorders 

  • Learning & Behavioral Impairments such as ADD, ADHD, & Autism 

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

  • Pregnancy-related physical and/or emotional issues 


All forms of craniosacral work ultimately originate with the discoveries of Osteopath William Garner Sutherland (1873-1954).

The hallmark of a biodynamic craniosacral approach is a direct orientation to the universal and conditional flows of life. In this approach, the practitioner:

  1. Settles into a still and receptive state of being

  2. Clearly negotiates a relationship with the client and their system

  3. Orients to the presence of primary respiration

  4. Waits for a shift within the client’s system to this formative ordering force

  5. Creates a container within which decisions are made by the Breath of life and the primary respiration it generates.

    Anastacia specializes in Aqua Cranial Therapy and was trained by its creator, Rebecca Goff.
    She is excited to bring AquaCranial Therapy to  Ashland

    Rebecca Goff, Maui, Hawaii.  ( 

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