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Heart and Hands Infant Massage


Bonding as it turns out, is not limited to one specific time when all benefits are gained or lost but, should be considered a continuum of opportunity from pre-conception onward
~ Chamberlin David

The sense of touch develops before all other senses in embryos, as early as 8 weeks in utero.  Touch is the main way in which infants learn about their environment and bond with other people. The parent is viewed as the primary source of interaction in the context of the infant’s life. The dynamics of infant massage facilitate parenting skills, positive infant-parent interaction, bonding and attachment, and parents’ ability to read their babies’ cues. Based on this understanding, I am in service to families to facilitate them in cultivating healthy, deep, loving, nurturing, relationships with their children that will last a lifetime and as a result transform community, nation and world.    xo  Anastacia Townsend, LMT

Class is offered In Person or Over Zoom

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One class, One Massage Routine for a lifetime of Benefits

This class is designed for parents and caregivers to easily learn a basic massage routine and integrate it into the daily care of baby.

Parent's often find that their baby sleeps better, fusses less, and has better digestion when massaged regularly. As well as incorporating essential elements of bonding, infant massage provides a focused one-on-one time that fosters mutual love, compassion.

This 90-minute class is a complete infant massage routine, designed for parents and babies to learn and practice basic infant massage techniques and connect with other families in the community. Led by Anastacia Townsend, a holistic midwife, massage therapist, certified childbirth educator, and doula. 

The class will take place on the floor with your blankets.  Anastacia will demonstrate on an infant doll while you learn massage with your own infant. The emphasis, the entire time, is on your
 infant's comfort and well being.

 What to bring

  • Your baby

  • Warm heart, Warm blanket

  • Cloth diaper or hand towel

  • Organic, cold pressed, unscented, raw, natural, edible oil if you have a preference other than Coconut oil provided

You will receive

  • Basic baby massage routine

  • How to communicate with baby on a new level

  • Handouts describing each massage stroke to take home

  • Organic, cold pressed, unscented, raw, natural, edible Coconut oil 

  • A warm fuzzy feeling when all that Oxytocin kicks in and Love

Group class is $15.  parent/caregiver baby pairs. 
   1:1 Private class is $60. per hour (90 min.)

 Choice of location

  • 1:1class at your location or mine 

  • Public location, group type class at Family Massage Center in Ashland Oregon 

  • Organize a group class, at your location for your parenting group or friends (discount available for host)

  • Classes held in location of your choice must provide enough space and warmth

   Class size/ limit: 6-12 parent/caregiver baby pairs, 
   Recommended age for group classes beginning three weeks 
   No experience is necessary. The public class is sliding scale by income, everyone is welcome to come and learn.




"This class is by far the best class I have attended yet!"

The Baby Massage class that you offer is the best thing to happen to my family's nightly routine.  Not only does it help Willow with her gas, but my husband and I get to bond some too (he holds her while I massage).  That class is by far the best class I have attended yet! Thank you for offering it, and I tell everyone I meet to take it.” 
~S. Abshire 

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