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Shelli B Shakti

Shelli B Shakti

"Anastacia you always will have a special place in my heart as you were such a major influence and support to me during the most special times of my life! You are truly a gift! Xoxo"  


"I was talking with someone the other day about the birth we were both at and how you took the baby and talked with him and loved on him and he decided to live with your words of encouragement! I can never repay you for your skills that night. Bliss you forever! You also will always be in my heart. I have met some wonderful people because of you!"

Skyra Love

Skyra Love

"i love Anastacia.  She really helped me a lot when i was carrying Qix.  She is super insightful and gifted, a true specialist in her field and someone who I refer other expecting mothers and young mothers to often."
Skyra L.

Ashley Amelia 

 "Thank you for being my Midwife in birth, life, and transformation. "  


Sunni Karll, Midwife

You are the "Best of Birth"! Every mom and baby you touch is blessed. Thank you for standing beside me all these years. Thank you for being you. I love you bunches, forever, for always."

Kim A.

Kim Anderson

"I used to go to a massage therapist of the "no pain, no gain" school, which Anastasia has proven to be simply not true.  She is amazingly sensitive to the mind-body interrelationships, and how to help her clients exploit them towards wellness."


 "Dear Anastacia-
I will always remember you as pure bliss and love- Your smiling face is a GIFT TO THE PLANET"  

David  & Aedan.jpg

D. Foyil

"Life changing massage and energy work. Highest recommendation possible. Anastacia is a gifted therapist."

Long Hair Portrait

Blake Prock

"Anastacia is a very experienced therapist and took good care of me. 10/10, would return."

"I know I could not have done it without you."

Touching in... Hey Anastacia, I have a minute while Jeff holds the baby. We've been wanting to tell you how thankful we were to have you at our birth! We really, really appreciate everything you gave us. In the end, it really felt like you were meant to be at the birth and the perfect person to be there. I know I could not have done it without you. You gave me so much strength when I felt like I could not go on! I wish I could explain how hard that was for me when I was in the hospital. The contractions picked up really intensely but what was really making it worse was that nurse! She was good overall- but I did NOT like her touching me while I was contracting! I don't like to be touched when I'm laboring usually, and especially the way she touched me. I was getting really upset by her so I was struggling. And of course, I couldn't move around like I wanted. I started to feel like I was going to pass out, even feeling like I was on the edge of letting go myself... it was so hard! But I remember so vividly looking at you for help, for strength, for inspiration and you gave that to me! Thank you, so so much. Jeff is just as happy as I am. It was amazing to him, being so private, that even though he hadn't met you too much before the birth, how comfortable he felt with you and how he felt like you were perfect. Thank you for all you did for me, and we love you!!"

~ Katrina Kirkwood 

 "You have such a natural gift for helping pregnant women get into a space where delivery is possible"

"Thank you for being such a strong support for me in the days before I water-birthed QIX into this world. You have such a natural gift for helping pregnant women get into a space where delivery is possible. Your tips and tricks and love and healing were exactly what me and Merari needed in our times of need with regards to bringing Qix and Dejora in. 

We hope you continue to specialize and advance the natural child-birthing process and systems of these matters on this planet. The world needs your beautiful mind on this and so many other things that only you with your set of skills, experiential wisdom, infinite love, patience and understanding can provide. 

Thank you for presenting innovative and intuitive solutions for the inevitable issues that arise in the moment. You are an unbelievably strong support system! Because you are very good at what you do, which is difficult to truly define because it is so extraordinary, I highly recommend you to anyone undertaking childbirth in any capacity at any stage of their process. 

Namaste ~ the Divine Goddess in me acknowledges and appreciates the Divine Goddess in you! Have a beautiful day, knowing you are loved by so many and have definitely left an indelible mark in our world!"

Sky, Merari, Core, Kalissi, Qix, Dejora, Tytan, Atlas and all others in your Galactic Family of LOVE 


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