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Easy, Step-by-Step Guidance to Transform Your Life with Abundant Energy & Well-Being.
We Can Help!

Bioenergetic Coaching

Most of my clients are energetically sensitive. I help you to learn how to manage your energy field and keep yourself in good health and balance.

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Biofield Scan

We Don't Guess,
We Test

Hot stone back massage

Massage Therapy

Our Signature Massage Means You Always Get What You Need.


MiHealth PEMF Session

Energetic Rejuvenation Session  
 • Clear energetic blocks  
• Promote Biogenesis


What is Bioenergetics


is the study of energy in living systems.
support the body to restore itself to its own optimal state of functioning; Using the Detect, Correct, Protect Method in partnership with the BioEnergetiX WellNES Systems.

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Massage for pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum & motherhood.

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Infant Massage Classes

One class, One Massage Routine for a lifetime of Benefits

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