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  60 min. $85 I  90 min. $120 I  120 min. $160

Our Signature Service provides a customizable framework for your perfect bodywork session. Depending on your needs,
Our Signature Massage can include techniques from a variety of therapeutic modalities, including  Lomi Lomi style massage, warm stones, Swedish, deep tissue massage, and myofascial release.


Lomilomi Style Massage
Lomilomi means ‘loving touch’ is a form of massage based on the ancient healing traditions of Hawaii.  The rhythmic, fluid motions feel like gentle ocean waves, which provide a sense of connection and freedom.  This massage works to release energy blockages within the body and assist in balancing physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Swedish Massage

Soothe your mind and body with this deeply relaxing full-body massage. Increases circulation, relieves depression, reduces stress, and eases muscle tension.

Inclusive with Our Signature Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Release tightly held muscle tension and stress with this full-body or focus-specific massage with firmer pressure and compression.  

Inclusive with Our Signature Massage

Myo-Fascial Release
Addresses skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. Combining the listening skills of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and indirect & direct engagement techniques with the connective tissue. Inclusive with Our Signature Massage


Hot Stones
Smooth, heated basalt stones are used in conjunction with massage techniques to release tension and promote relaxation. The heat energy of the stones warms the tissues, which allows the massage therapists to work deeper with ease. Pressure can range from a light relaxation massage to deeper focus work depending on your needs. Inclusive with Our Signature Massage

mi Health Session
PEMF: Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies 
TENS: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation 
SCENAR: Self-Controlled Energy Adaptive Regulation 
Precise and efficient biofeedback. 

This extremely popular treatment can be performed as a stand-alone service or enhancement to any other treatment.
Take a rejuvenating and soothing warm foot bath. Choose from essential oils, salt scrubs, or hot stones. Have your very own little sanctuary that will refresh your spirit and relax your mind and body before or after your massage. Complete with chilled pure water or hot tea.

45 minutes $60

Extra Attention for Your Scalp or Feet

15 minutes $20

Add On 30 minutes $30

Craniosacral Therapy
Energy Field Clearing
Sound Journey 


aloha aku i kou Hanohano
love your body


 Love Your Feet


Hot Stone Foot Revitalizer

Includes organic sea salt scrub, warm towels, moisturizing foot massage using hot stones, and organic coconut oil shea butter. $60 (45 min.)


Creamy Shea Butter Foot Scrub

This creamy foot scrub blends shea butter with sugar and salt crystals, and skin conditioning extracts to exfoliate and revitalize your skin. Choose from essential oils of Lavender, Orange, Eucalyptus,  or  Rose. Includes warm towels.

$60 (45 min)

Support for Every Stage of Motherhood

Mom to Be Prenatal Massage 
We especially love to support Women on their personal journey into motherhood. Deeply Nurturing Massage is essential to pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Relaxing and supportive massage that helps alleviate common back and hip pain associated with pregnancy and after birth.  60 min.   60 min. $85  I  90 min. $120 I  120 min. $160

Bundle of Joy
Let us comfort and pamper you! Relieve aches and pains with this package specifically designed for expectant or postpartum mothers. Includes a gentle Aroma foot soak/ massage, and a soothing massage. We can reach those spots you can’t. Additional body support is provided.
Aromatic Foot Massage/Soak |  Soothing Massage | Love Tea | Nourishing Snack

$180 | 2 hr pampering package

Gift Certificate Available

Aquacranial Therapy 

Aquacranial is a gentle, non-invasive treatment, performed in warm water. Clients float weightlessly in theta bliss, with an air pillow tucked under their neck and legs while receiving gentle support from a therapist. Profoundly relaxing, Aquacranial decompresses both spine and cranium and releases tension and energy blockage in the entire body. Aquacranial supports your body in returning to its natural state of wholeness.   

 Offered exclusively in Ashland OR  60 min. $120

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Therapy is a gentle yet profound non-invasive, gentle, hands-on treatment for the whole body.  Performed on a massage table, the client is fully clothed and the touch is generally light and still.  The treatment is focused on supporting the health of the whole being, especially the nervous system. Sessions can also be done in warm water.

60 min. $85

Crystal Bowl Sound Journey

Crystal Singing Bowls are quartz crystal vessels that produce a clear, pure-tone resonant sound when vibration is introduced into them.
Let your body and senses bathe in the bliss of gentle sound and blended tones of crystal singing bowls. Experience the powerful benefits of these meditative tools and deepen your sense of well-being through stillness and desired rest. Take your body on a sound journey and return feeling refreshed, focused, and clear.

60 min.  $85

Dissolving Dysfunctional Relationship Cords

 On an energetic level, we have energy cords that connect us to the individuals we are currently, or have been with, in any form of relationship. This work will release any dysfunctional power cords the have left you feeling disempowered or to come to closer when a relationship has ended.  This work deepens your sense of connection, both to yourself and in your relationships. There are immediate and lasting benefits of doing this powerful work.

60 min. $85

Clearing & Balancing the Energetic Field   
Each session includes balancing the energetic field as well as addressing issues on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Feel refreshed, focused, and clear.

60 min. $85

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