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Embodied Birth Preparation and Support Based on Sacred Birthing Birthing a New Humanity
3rd addition by Sunni Karll

We specialize in helping you to cultivate what is innately yours already, we guide you through the blueprint of preconception, pregnancy and birth, as you get ready on all levels to open and welcome your baby, preparation is very important. Parenting begins before conception; you are creating the nest you want before inviting a Soul to  anchor into the physical through you. This is a unique time of deepening into the sacred,  into your own intuition and creativity. 

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Family-centered is Baby centered.
Getting the support you need nurtures connection between you and your baby in the womb. Babies love to have lots of contact, feel included, and especially to feel welcomed, wanted, and loved. They are very conscious, sentient beings when they come to us and they need to feel held in love and empathy. Early attachment creates a buffer for your baby against the stresses of life. 

Getting the support you need, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually creates a protective love bubble around you, your baby, your partner and creates better birthing outcomes, and many other wonderful benefits,  including, healthy, fulfilled mother and baby, stronger and more intimate relationships, healthy families that stay connected.

Childbirth preparation series based on the book Sacred Birthing Birthing a New Humanity 3rd Edition

Choose our standard 9-hour curriculum for $350. or we will formulate a class just for you based on your needs. $40/hr (3-hour min.)
Book a private customized childbirth class in your own home or over zoom, at times that work with your schedule.

We bring you individualized attention and customized education so that you can get what you need out of your childbirth education class.

Anastacia you always will have a special place in my heart as you were such a major influence and support to me during the most special times of my life! You are truly a gift! Xoxo 
~ Shelli Beecher-Seitzler  

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