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Homeopathic Placenta Remedy 
How can a Homeopathic Placenta Remedy help me and my baby? 

Homeopathic Placenta Remedies
Homeopathics, like essences, are remedies that heal on a vibrational, energetic level. Homeopathic placenta remedy can be used as your child’s constitutional remedy for life since it was their life-giving source for their time in-utero. It contains the blue print of his/her energetic make-up and hence, the amazing ability to bring balance and illicit healing from within when illness, disease, emotional challenges, or difficult life transitions arise.

Homeopathic Placenta Remedy may:

  • improve symptoms of emotional distress, depression, anxiety, sorrow and mourning

  • improve symptoms of hormonal imbalance

  • help your baby with colic, crying fits, teething and separation anxiety
    And can be used by siblings and immediate family members.  

Image from Sacred Birthing

Protecting the umbilical cord claims baby's stem cells and maintains her energy field and  immune system ~Sunni Karll, D.D

Homeopathic remedy

This form of placenta medicine is not as well known as the dried, encapsulated placenta. Although, when a remedy is made of your placenta, it is the truest constructional remedy your child will ever have and is highly beneficial trough out their entire life time. It is a remedy that can be used for siblings who do not have their own placenta medicine; in fact, it can be used by the entire family, during times of transition, illness or stress.

 For Mom the remedy helps with depression, PMS or menopause, many women swear by it. Remedy is usually given to the child or siblings when they are getting sick or in a time of transition. We are learning more about why it works and most importantly, that it brings the child and family back to a state of physical and emotional balance whenever needed. What a wonderful gift to be able to give to your family that last a whole lifetime!

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 Placenta Homeopathic Remedy   Preparation ~ $85.  
 Placenta Tincture ~ $80.
Placenta Prints ~ $30.

 Placenta Homeopathic Remedy   Preparation  Package -  $200.
 Includes the following:
     Placenta Homeopathic Remedy
     Placenta Tincture
     Placenta Reading
     Placenta Prints

     Cord Keepsake
     Excess blood and fluid saved (frozen) for       
tree planting
     Membrane Art/Preservation
     Placenta Tree Planting Consultation


It is the medicine of the future.
It’s natural, affordable and accessible.
It works brilliantly,
simple and very effective.

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