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 Reclaiming your birthright, an orientation towards wholeness that has always been...inside you.

I look forward to supporting you on your Journey of Transformation

Bio-Energetic Wellness

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Bioenergetic Infoceuticals

Feel Good Infocuticals

Infoceuticals provide the corrective information your human body-field needs to function optimally


EMF – Electromagnetic Field

  • Helps correct energetic imbalances from radiation exposure

  • Supports your body’s natural ability to respond to electromagnetic fields

  • May be used topically on the hands, back of neck, or other exposed areas

The Immune Support Bundle

For a limited time, to offer additional immune support when it's needed most, we are making this package publicly available, at a discount.  You can get this pack of 4 infoceuticals for just $97 USD (regularly $120) — A savings of $23
Included: ED3, ED13, ET2 and ES1 These NES Health Infoceuticals are designed to support the body-field in the body's everyday health and recovery efforts. 


Fat Metabolism

Once people discover FAT MET, they become raving fans! This is the FeelGood Infoceutical to correct and normalize liver function and assist the liver with Fat Metabolism.

Proper metabolism helps normalize weight, improves hormonal balance, and can improve the quality of fats in the nervous system.


Emotional Stress Release

This formula helps support your ENTIRE Body-Field’s ability to release emotional stress. It is also soothing to the gut and helps with the absorption of nutrients. You can also apply ESR topically to a point of physical trauma.


miHealth Session

A miHealth session is very relaxing 40 min. on body treatment


Mi Health Session w/ Biofield Scan+ Infoceuticals Pkg.

90 min. Wellness Consultation +  Body-field Systems Scan + miHealth Relaxation Session + 5 Infosuticals 

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