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Sacred Birthing Childbirth Series

Childbirth guidance based on the book Sacred Birthing Birthing a New H

  • 9 hours
  • 350 US dollars
  • On-line with Zoom

Service Description

Choose our standard 9-hour curriculum for $350, or we will formulate a class just for you based on your needs. ($40/per class) Childbirth class based on the book Sacred Birthing Birthing a New Humanity 3rd Edition. Book a private customized childbirth class on-line with Zoom, at times that work with your schedule. I bring you individualized attention and customized education so that you can get what you need out of your childbirth education class. Sacred Birthing Childbirth Preparation Series Parents can offer their baby a conscious birth commensurate with the wonder and reverence they innately feel it to be. A birth designed and prompted by nature supports the mother’s body to do what it knows so well. By becoming clear about the many choices presented for conception and pregnancy, you may work towards creating the birth that your own baby encourages you to discover. The intention of Sacred Birthing is for each family to explore these possibilities, to find and move toward what feels right and valuable for you, your baby and his birth. Sacred Birthing is truly for one purpose: to birth a baby in a way that can best preserve the essence of divinity that accompanies each new being. Learn tools to stay healthy and balanced for conception, pregnancy and birth. Learn about softbirth, the gentle natural practices that insure the protection of baby's body, the first step in protecting consciousness. Understand how your love and trust protects your baby's birth. What are a baby’s soul-needs? How can we support what our baby needs? Give birth without fear: turn a scared birth into a sacred birth Create a birth to uplift your baby’s whole life Learn to use Sacred Technology for greater ease in birth and to enhance the vitality of your newborn Reclaim harmlessness & create a sacred birth appropriate to your family Understand vibration and how to work with it to sustain your ease in giving birth, and the consciousness of your newborn Build the spiral of birth energy as Dad and Mom labor together Learn to work with the intensity of labor and move through it Babies are asking for something more aligned with who they are. When birth is allowed to progress in its own way and at its own pace, birth shows us how each baby needs to be born, and how Mother & Father can each claim this sacred initiation. Join us to claim a soft, sacred birth and renew the wonder of life’s most precious transformative experience.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel please contact us within 24 hrs of your scheduled appointment. Text or call 425-577-3533

Contact Details

+ 425-577-3533

Ashland, Oregon, USA

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