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Sourced Solutions Frequency Essences

Product Developer
Anastacia Townsend

Sourced Solutions Frequency Essences

Anastacia Townsend is the co-developer of  Frequency Essences for Sourced Solutions, a revolutionary product designed to address the body’s energy environment and activate its self-repair system.  a unique line of Frequency Essences encoded with corrective information to optimize health and wellness.

Frequency Essences are intended for daily use in the comfort of one’s home, offering a convenient and ongoing protocols developed by Anaiis Salles.. Essences have been shown to impact the body’s physics, influencing all other activities within the body. Empirical evidence has demonstrated the efficacy of Frequency Essences, with participants experiencing a remarkable 100% increase in self-reported wellness scores after completing just one Frequency Essences protocol. Additionally, symptom severity scores were observed to decrease.

Each Frequency Essence is imprinted with specific bio-information that supports systems of the body. By resonating with the body’s healthy aspects, Infoceuticals guide anything unhealthy back to an ideal state through the power of resonance. This corrective ability stems from the information imprinted in these remedies, which consist of filtered water and micro-minerals. Specially modulated fields are applied under specific electromagnetic charge, imbuing the Frequency Essences with specific resonant qualities to support the body optimally. 

Frequency Essences are conveniently available in roller and spray bottles and can be used at home between visits or consultations with bioenergetic practitioner that will provide an easy-to-follow protocol that recommends which Frequency Essences to use.  They can be used safely and conveniently with any foods or nutritional supplements, making them highly accessible for users.

Everything is energy. Energy is information and consciousness, in relationship. Sourced Solutions are a quantum leap in restorative information.  Pure spring water stores and shares electromagnetic signals that form memory of vital, exclusive and proprietary information in each Essence. 


Testimonials reflect surprising discoveries. Our customers report having access to previously hidden memories; enhancement of natural abilities; a stronger sense of soul sovereignty and personal empowerment; and open but well-balanced energy bio-sphere with better boundaries.

Essences gently reorganize the information flowing through subtle energy bodies. Our Essences specifically address distortions blocking inspiration, intuition, nagual dreaming, creativity, and that interfere with the direct knowing that flows from your higher self.

Reconnect your three mind states! Stop leaking vital life force. Break out of the prison of duality perception and its limiting choices.

“Many people choose to remain in an unconscious state of embodiment assuming this choice to be more comfortable and less work than living a conscious life. A highly sensitive person recognizes that in the long run the daily practice of living consciously is actually the easier path. What once seemed like ‘work’ becomes joyous play and abundant presence. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is one of many gifts we give back to life.”

~ Anaiis Salles, Living Lessons Library,
Creator of Sourced Key Code Essences

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